We innovate.

Our people are the foundation of our company’s success. We are a fast-growing team with an innovative mindset, constantly challenging conventional norms, and striving to make a meaningful impact.

Our vision

Prove to everybody that you can make a fundamental change.

In the deep-tech landscape, our contributions serve as the foundation for widespread innovation. Through more efficient and faster data communication at the chip level, it is possible to design efficient chip networks in data centers. As an application, generative AI systems such as Large Language Models can be further developed and trained, without straining global energy resources.

These investors make our graphene technology possible.

In addition, we would like to thank:
Markku Räsänen (H9i Partners Oy)
Andreas Umbach (AUCCEPT GmbH)
Johannes Fröhling (Deep Tech A).

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company objectives

Discover the five goals that guide and unite our teams.

Every action and decision we make is focussed on technological excellence in graphene, market establishment, financial health, a great place to work, and an effective operation. Read on to learn more about what drives us.

New Material, new possibilities. Discovered in 2004, it is the material graphene which makes our technology possible and incredibly powerful. Technological excellence in graphene is therefore at the heart of our R&D guiding principles.

A good idea alone is not enough. An established company with a sustainable product-market fit is what makes a good idea persist and ultimately become reality.

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Financial health is not just about stability. It is essential to our long-term sustainability and our ability to deliver innovation, fast. By focusing on financial health, we create a solid framework that supports efficient financial management, enabling us to seize growth opportunities and overcome challenges.

What makes a workplace truly great? For us, the key factors are meaningful work, the opportunity to create something new and to see our own ideas come to life.
To make this possible, it is our responsibility to create a safe environment in which everybody feels valued, supported, and inspired to grow beyond themselves – professionally and personally.

At Black Semiconductor, we want bright minds to prioritise what really matters. We optimise all processes and workflows to achieve minimal bureaucracy and maximum automation. We can only enable innovation if we leave behind the relics of organically grown, ineffective corporate structures. We believe that processes must be designed for people, not for other processes.