Together, we can change the future of the chip industry.

We are looking for those who want to build something with an impact. Something unseen and something truly innovative. Bright, curious minds who have weathered the storm or those who are not afraid of it. Together, we want to leave a mark – and not a small one – in the semiconductor industry, and we are looking for those who crave for the same. We are growing fast, and we want to grow with you.

Dr. Cedric Huyghebaert


Have an impact.

How many chips do you think you already used today? This is your chance to have a real impact. Take it.

No impact without a challenge. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the impact. Our graphene photonic solutions have the power to change the semiconductor industry. An industry, which is at the core of every chip-based technology.

Do what you do best and keep growing.

Come as you are, stay to grow. From an early stage on, our people and culture department has a strong focus on supporting our employees for professional and personal development. We want you to grow with us.

We care for you – today and tomorrow.

We value our colleagues not only for their current contributions, but also for their long-term well-being. With our merit appreciation program, we want to provide security and peace of mind, offering a comprehensive package of outstanding insurance, pension, and healtcare benefits.

We focus on what matters.

Rethinking technology requires rethinking corporate standards. We create an environment where bright minds can focus on what matters. Minimal bureaucracy and maximum automation – all operational processes are addressed by customized solutions from our in-house software development team. We realize our ideas, fast and without detours.

The people perspective.

With our human-centered approach, we choose when, where, and how we work. United in one vision, we set our goals and drive the company with them. Above all, we firmly believe that processes should be thoughtfully designed with a strong focus on people, rather than serving other processes.

We do what we are passionate about and enjoy the moment. Understanding what we really care about is understanding what we wish to contribute. Our contribution is not just work but the conscious choice about how we spend our time in all aspects of life.

Disciplined thoughts and actions obviate bureaucracy and hierarchy. Without discipline, our passion turns into frustration. We make sure that we build on our past accomplishments, create transparency in our work, and structure our operations.

Those who learn drive innovation. We always strive for an open-minded and respectful environment that allows us to learn from every decision we all make. We learn from our challenges, our wins, our failures, and each other.

There is more than one path to success. We find options, ask for input, then decide, and adjust as needed. Does our next step bring the company closer to our goals? We use the company’s objectives as benchmark to prioritize our work. We try to reach the next plateau that demonstrates progress and allows us to move forward together.

We put the right things into focus. We confront facts and keep the faith. We are honest about our goals but remain hungry and ambitious for more. We discipline our passion and look at the facts that allow us to make decisions and dare to move towards our goals.

We use our discipline to finish the job. The job is done when the customer is happy, and we get paid. We all contribute to the same goal on very different levels. We remember the customer in all our considerations.

As a valued part of Black Semiconductor, we want to acknowledge your unique contribution. We provide you with an appreciation package which will support you with an umbrella framework in which we commit to:
We take care of you – today, and tomorrow.

This commitment is reflected not only in our competitive salary packages but also in the quality of our diverse assortment of benefits. We were able to create an unseen insurance package for the start-up world, which is fitting into our vision: prove to everybody that you can do a fundamental change.

Health benefits and courses

Learning and development budget

Comprehensive salary package

Accident coverage

Incapacity insurance

Life insurance

Supplementary health care budget

Retirement savings

Holiday transformation

We believe that true professional development flourishes when it is accompanied by a personal dedication to growth. Rather than simply achieving a balance between work and personal life, we strive for a harmonious union between the two.

We don’t just want to “balance” work and home life, we want them to complement and enrich each other.

We connect chips – and people

Want to be part of our journey?