We provide graphene solutions for the semiconductor and electronics industries.

We connect chips.

Our graphene technology reshapes the landscape of computing, enabling seamless communication between thousands of chips.

This is not just innovation. It is a transformation that sets the course for a future in which we take computing power to a new order of magnitude.

Graphene redefines optical connectivity for a new tech age.

We turn a vision into reality. Harnessing the optical properties of graphene, Black Semiconductor crafts photonic interconnects that will pave the way for technological breakthroughs in the semiconductor and electronics industries, introducing a new tech age.

More performance, lower cost, and energy efficient.

Data communication with electronic connections is reaching its physical limitations. Black Semiconductor is at the forefront of a completely new approach for chip connectivity. Using graphene to co-integrate electronics with photonics, we’re creating an advanced solution for chip communication — fast, efficient, and scalable.

Innovation insights

What is a big enough challenge for an industry professional who wants to make an impact?

Dr. Cedric Huyghebaert shares insights on mentoring engineers, societal mechanisms, and the challenges of integrating new technology into semiconductors.

Europe’s big step towards a deep-tech breakout

With our mission, we’re rethinking the whole system.

A change conversation

Participating in the third EU Clean Transition Dialogue.

Black Semiconductor secures EUR 254.4 million in funding to launch new semiconductor technology in Europe